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Being prepared for uncertainty is being prepared for life.  That’s why at Vera Capital Management  we tailor a unique plan for your needs and show you how we can help you reach your financial goals.  We work with our clients, each in a unique way, to implement and follow through the plan.  As life happens, we adapt to your needs and changes.

Whether you’re looking to build and preserve wealth, save for retirement or leave a legacy for your loved ones, we at Vera Capital Management provide many different options and services to help keep you on track to achieve your financial goals.

Our priority is to do right by our clients.  We are committed to providing you with the extraordinary service, attention and guidance that you expect and deserve.

Talk to Vera Capital Management for planning for your future, today.

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“American retirees are less happy and are experiencing a slight decline in their quality of life as the U.S. falls three places to No. 17 on the 2017 Global Retirement Index.”

 Securing a guaranteed income is a concern for many. Most of us wish we had started yesterday. "Near retirees" should look beyond the markets and assess not only their current financial status, but also their future financial aspirations. Unfortunately, most of those nearing retirement feel the effects of having waited too long to begin saving and having created a plan. It is regrettable to say that for the upcoming generation of retirees the transition may be a bumpy one. However, that does not mean there is nothing that can be done. The advisors at Vera Capital Management can talk to you about your options and help ease the concerns of not having enough or outliving your retirement income. 


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Life Transitions

Life...we take it as it happens.  
Major life transitions- moving, becoming a parent, divorce, a death in the family, retirement- are some of the toughest situations that we can face in our lives. These are the times clients deserve respect, advice and guidance. At Vera Capital Management we will be by our clients' side each step of the way to help them overcome life changes.

Empowering Women

Women are increasingly responsible for planning major life events.  These may include college planning, family needs, starting a business, starting over after divorce or becoming widowed. At Vera Capital Management we want to help women make the decisions they have to for their different stages of life. It becomes a huge responsibility to secure your families future. We want to see every woman succeed and we will be by your side throughout their journey.

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